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MARVEL Super Hero Squad Online

With only two or three exceptions, I modeled and prepped all the characters for animation... something like 120+ characters including heroes, villains (bosses), thugs and more... If you see a character from this game, I had a hand in its creation. Triangle count was in the 2,500 range for most characters. All character textures were created by my "partner in crime" on this project, John Shroades.


I loved everything about this project.  I got to model and rig tons of great characters, develop pipeline and help design tools critical to being able to generate great content in a timely manner.  I got to do it all while working with an absolutely amazing group of people. You can check out to see (and play) some of the characters I helped create for this awesome project.


The First Four
These were the first four, free characters available when Super Hero Squad Online Launched. I modeled, helped with custom rigging and skinned all the characters you see here.


Ms. Marvel and Hulk - Sans Texture


Avengers Ironman
Just way too much fun. Honestly.


Gladiator Hulk
The MARVEL Super Hero Squad Online version of Gladiator Hulk. I think his triangle count was a bit closer to 3K.


Doc Ock
This guy was an absolute blast to create. I honestly have a hard time deciding which characters to show there are so many that bring up fond memories.


Ultimate Spiderman


Captain America - SHSO Movie Version


Ghost Rider
Marvel was really great to work with.  They gave us a lot of freedom to have fun with the characters, which for Ghost Rider, meant that for one of his Power Emotes he didn't get the bike he was expecting.



This character presented one of our earlier rigging challenges since her "capelets" attached mid-back and forearm and I had to use as few bones as possible to keep perf up.  It worked well.


Super Hero Squad Online Holiday 2011 Trailer
This video shows a nice assortment of characters. I had a hand in the creation of every single one of them.


Avengers Ironman Vignette
We got to put a little extra love into Avengers Ironman. He's one of the few characters that actually has a mask that opens up to reveal his face (not shown in this vid unfortunately). I modeled and prepped him for animation - including coming up with mesh/rig solution for the mask swap.


Ghost Rider Vignette
This guy was just a ton of fun to create. I modeled and prepped him and his props for animation.


Luke Cage Vignette
He's a little plain looking compared to some of the other heros but he's a great character and a lot of fun to play. Grant Roberts did an amazing job on the VO work.


Fin Fang Foom Intro
This guy was a ton of fun to work on since I got to rig him up for some facial animation.  I'm pleased with how well he turned out.  Royden Lepp did a great job on the animation.


Comicon Poster
I modeled and rigged all the assets, John Shroades painted the textures and Matt Bell set up the scene and mocked up the poster.


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