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Special Projects
This gallery contains samples from various projects that don't fit neatly into one of the other galleries. Some never saw the light of day and others are from games released many moons ago.  The work was rewarding and I learned a lot along the way.


Creature Hunter Online MMOG (unreleased):
I helped develop and maintain the player character pipeline (see image below) and oversaw the creation of player character textures as well as the meshes and textures for the creatures.


Cat Lady:

I created the model, textures and rig based on a concept by Tony Ravo for Over the Hedge: Sammy Goes Nuts! on the  Sony PSP.  She weighs in at 2,100tris but she's a boss and huge on screen. You view her from the perspective of one of the critters as she chases you about. 


Cat Lady Rig:

The Cat Lady had a full rig and was set up for facial animation, including blend shapes.  It was a lot of fun trying to get every bit of performance we could out of the PSP.


Skyhorse and Pilot

The Skyhorse and its female pilot were both created as part of the R&D phase of a project that was scrapped.


Creature Hunter Online MMOG: Character Customization Pipeline
"ONE DRAW CALL!" - That one phrase meant that a lot of hoops had to be jumped through to get the characters through a customization process that included geometry and texture swaps for multiple body parts and attachment points. Anyone that's worked on a project like this knows just what I'm talking about. You can see just a couple of the open layers in the Layer Manager to the right showing several of the custom mesh shapes. Each mesh shape would then have many custom textures, often times as part of a set.

I was responsible for working with designers to make sure their requirements were met and coders to make sure it could be done. I modeled the individual bits of geometry, set up the UVs and skinned them to work within the pipeline I helped develop. I then would direct and provide feedback for outsource partners that were generating textures.


This was an unreleased, internal demo. I was responsible for all the ships: model, UV and texture.


Digimon Rumble Arena 2:

Modeled, textured and rigged for the PS2

Digimon Rumble Arena 2:

Modeled, textured and rigged for the PS2

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