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WildTangent Games

I was lucky enough to be involved with two of the most successful products Wild Tangent has ever produced: Polar Bowler and Fate.


Polar Bear Refresh

The most recent work I did for Wild Tangent involved a refresh of the polar characters. You can see the updated version of the polar bear above on the left (and above) compared to the original on the right. The goal was to give him a refresh without diluting the IP.


The original Polar Bowler game was very profitable for Wild Tangent and spawned a number of sequels. You can see the original characters below.


Polar Bowler Characters

These are the original four characters I created for Polar Bowler. This was roughly 2002 and the min-spec was pretty low so the triangle count of these characters was right around 1,000. 


The game was so successful that Wild Tangent spun off various other polar-themed games such as Polar Golf, Polar Tubing and eventually, Polar Pool (after the character refresh shown above).



I was fortunate enough to be involved very early on in Fate's development. I worked with Travis Baldree (who's since gone on to create Torchlight at Runic) to develop the look and feel of the initial character. Character customization was a big part of the game so the character had to be created to accommodate. This was a pretty ambitious project for Wild Tangent at the time.


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