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Forza Motorsport 6
FM6 was an absolutely massive project.  Turn-10 has been at this for awhile now and it was an amazing experience to be a part of the final months of production as we pushed toward ship.  I was able to contribute to the polish of several tracks.

Hockenheimring: Ravenol Branding

Near the very end of production a quick fix was needed in the Hockenheimring pits.  All the Mobil 1 branding had to be removed and replaced by Ravenol assets.  Because it was last-minute, everything had to be created from scratch from web ref, including the massive oil bottle.  Fortunately it came off without a hitch.


Hockenheimring: A Bit of Everything
In addition to the work I mentioned above, I was involved with many track optimizations that included, but were not limited to, crowd work, LOD optimization, shader tweaks and signage.  I touched nearly every part of this track in some way.


Hockenheimring: Trees, Grass and Road Edges

I got to polish many different asset types while working on this project including trees, grass, road edges, barriers and road dust you see in these shots.  The pipeline was fairly complex and it was a lot of fun digging into all these different aspects of the product.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Lots and lots of performance optimizations on this track - everything from crowd work to hand-tweaking LODs.

More Odds and Ends

I helped build out the pit kits and optimize the trees and wet track reflections of several tracks.

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